Due to the COVID 19 situation this event is officially being postponed. We will announce the new dates as soon as we have more concrete information on when it will be safe for us to responsibly hold this event. 

Thank you and stay healthy!

~The Sleepy Hollow Team~

Avast and welcome ye scurvy dogs... A pirate festival be on the horizon!

The pirates be landin’ at the Renaissance Park at Sleepy Hollow in Des Moines, Iowa for a exciting new pirate festival.

Five captains made the voyage to make landfall in our little village. The reigning King and his court fled from their castle leaving the village and it’s spoils to be divided between the 5 pirates captains and their crews… but who will be named the new Pirate King? 

  • Complete quests and win cash and prizes in treasure hunts.
  • Prove your mettle and join one (or all) of the five captains crews.
  • Enjoy some of the best swashbuckling musical acts and entertainment. the Midwest has to offer.
  • Stand with your captain of choice and see that they are crowned the King (or Queen)!


Pillager Pass

Available dates TBD
$ 19
for the whole weekend
  • Two days of swashbuckling adventure!
  • Chance to win cash and prizes in the treasure hunts

Early Bird Pass

Available dates TBD
$ 12
for the whole weekend
  • Two days of swashbuckling adventure!
  • Chance to win cash and prizes in the treasure hunts
  • Free Parking
best price

21+ RAD Deal

  • Are you 21 or older
  • Looking for something wild to do the night before you Pillage the Village?
  • If you buy a ticket to RAD May 15th & 16th you can Pillage the Village for FREE!


The entertainment for this event will include 5 pirate captains and their crews who have laid claim to specific areas around the festival grounds. These crews will be vying for your loyalty and sending you on quests and treasure hunts to prove your mettle. You will also experience so of the best pirate themed musicians and performers from across the Midwest. 

We are still working on finalizing some details but a complete list of performers will be posted soon. 

Want to get involved?

Are you part of an entertainment group or an individual actor who would like to be involved with this unique new festival? While most of our spots have already been filled we are always interested in talking with new or existing talent. Our performers are what make our events what they are! 

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with the event Producer and Director. 

Food & Drink

The menus for this event will be posted here 1-2 weeks before the event. You can expect to see an assortment of Renaissance Park dishes as well as pirate themed drinks. 


The vendor list for this event will be posted here as our vendors are confirmed.

If you are a craft-person, artist, or vendor of unique goods that will fit the theme and time period of this event please inquire after an application using the form below. If accepted you would also have the opportunity to stay open late on Saturday night to offer your wares to the Adult ONLY event taking place that night. 

Contact Us

Have questions about the event or would like to get in touch with the team at the Renaissance Park? Please fill out the form below.